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Banano List

Banano Faucets:

FrequencyFaucetHow to earn
after every videoJungleTVwatch or queue videos, nft and banano events
every 5 minutesBanFaucetclaim, surveys, tasks offers, bonus claims
every 30 minutesK3i’s Faucetclaim
every 2 hoursBanano Planetclaim
every 2 hoursTry Bananoclaim
dailyMonkeytalksclaim, write messages by donating to the faucet
dailyBanoboto’s Future Faucetclaim
dailyPrussia’s Faucetclaim
dailyTNV Banano Faucetclaim
dailyPerry’s Banano Faucetclaim
dailyiMalFect’s Faucetclaim
dailyBat’s Faucetclaim
dailyBananoFaucet.clubclaim Faucetclaim
dailyPride Faucetclaim
dailyWise Tribe Faucetclaim after email verification
dailyBanano Foragerclaim after uploading a picture of a real banana
weeklyNanSwap Faucetclaim 2x

Banano Games and Services:

Nano Square Bet banano on a 3×3 square
MonkeySlotsplay slots with your Cryptomonkeys to get BAN
OnlyBans Lotterybuy tickets with banano to have a chance to win the lottery pot
BananoNumberSend between 1-9 banano to the game account. Once there is 5 or more bets the game will select a random number between 1-9. The pot is then distributed to the winners.
Bananoidlike monkey themed space invaders. TOP 3 Dailys get a BAN reward
MonkeeRunlike monkey themed Temple Run. TOP 3 daily get BAN reward
BanStackStack bananas as high as you can. TOP 3 daily get BAN reward
BananoBetenter in a bet and select a chance (which determines your potential profit). After you roll the dice a random number is generated using a provably fair algorithm. If the number falls within your green win region, you win! It’s mobile optimized.
Banano Casinoplay casino games like Roulette, Crash and Dices
Walker BananoMonkey Side Scroller
BananoCraftBanano + Minecraft = Bananocraft
Folding@Home for Bananouse F@H to contribute to medical research and earn BAN in return, uses you GPU
BoomPowearn bananos by generating proof of work for the Banano and Nano networks using your computer
Ban RXaltenative to F@H and BoomPow, mine Monero and earn BAN every 4h in return!
FreeRicesolve a wide range of various questions and quizzes to feed the hungry and earn BAN in return!

Banano-Exchanges (KYC-free):

Exchangeavailable Coins
NanSwapXNO, BAN, PAW with 0 fees or buy XNO with over 200 different Coins
KuyumcuXNO, BAN
bananopricenone, only to find the best prices

Pope Bananodict XVI | 2022