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Nano List

Nano Faucets:

FrequencyFaucetHow to earn
GPS dependencyWeNanoclaim when you are in the right GPS spot and create GPS faucet spots
after every videoPlayNano Watch&Learnwatch and claim
after every videoCryptoVisionwatch or queue videos, claim
after every video/survey + every 2hTipNanoclaim, surveys, tasks offers, bonus claims
/Apollo Nano Twitterclaim
4 times onlyNanoCafeclaim
every 30min Get XNO Faucetclaim
every 30min@SendNano Faucetconnect to twitter, claim and send Nano tips
every 30minK3i’s Nano Faucetclaim
every 45minGetNano.ovhclaim with the chance of bigger payouts
every 60minSolarFaucetclaim, completely powered by solarpanels
every 18hTelegram Faucetclaim in telegram
dailyCSquared’s daily Nano Dripclaim
dailyFree Nano Faucetclaim
dailyWise Tribe Faucetclaim after email verification
weeklyNanSwap Faucetclaim 2x

Nano Games:

PlayNano OnlineEarn, Play, Bet and Spend on different sites
nano squareFind the winning square and bet Nano on it
LuckyNanoCasino and Faucet
Nano Games.iobuilt by gamblers for gamblers. With a unique community and a huge selection of games like Crash, HashDice, Plinko, Slots, and many more
BlockhuntersBlockHunters is an augmented reality treasure hunt app with real prizes!
Nyano Meow! ANDROIDPurr!! Time to save some kitties in your neighborhood via GPS and earn Nano.
Nyano Meow! IOSPurr!! Time to save some kitties in your neighborhood via GPS and earn Nano.
Just Cause 2 Multiplayer1. Start JC2 Multiplayer Mod and connect to the server “JC2RP”
2. Join any faction
3. Press “M” and select Nano adress option to enter your adress
4. Play JC2 and earn Nano
NanoQuake IIIEarn Nano for playing Quake in desktop browser. Free to play.
Player Killers’ ExchangeKill players and exchange their deaths for nano. 3 player kills or 33 NPC kills are required to cashout.

Nano-Exchanges (KYC-free):

Exchangeavailable Coins
NanSwapXNO, BAN, PAW with 0 fees or buy XNO with over 200 different Coins