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Paw List

Since the distribution of free PAW ended, no faucet is known

PAW Games:

PAWmon WorldIn this game you work on a farm. You wander around the farm, collect the stray animals and take them to the farmer. In return, the farmer gives you PAW
PAWQuestPAW adaptation of Browser Quest game. In this game, you have to defeat the enemies in front of you by walking around the map and complete the achievements. Talk to people, defeat your enemies and collect items on the map.
Mine TestMinetest is an open source voxel game engine. Basically it is a lot like Minecraft with additional stuff. For playing it with PAW community, download game client and connect to the “PAW Crypto Mine Server” and earn PAW!
PAW CrushMatch PAWnimals to clear them and rack up points. Aim for the high score to get the largest share of the weekly prize pool!

PAW-Exchanges (KYC-free):

For Safety reasons Nanswap stopped PAW support